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CaseMark Financial is a specialized financial services company with a particular emphasis on litigation funding in the personal injury market. CaseMark employs a team of legal and finance professionals who are committed to providing victims of personal injury and their legal representatives with flexible, creative and sustainable financing solutions.

Our services include pre-settlement lending, post-settlement funding, monthly staged loans for living expenses, treatment financing, disbursement funding and term sheets. Our programs are designed to help plaintiffs and their lawyers withstand the financial pressures that are often created from the litigation process. While some believe that the cost of litigation loans is expensive for claimants, the alternative of accepting an early resolution that is not reflective of the claim’s full potential value is a far costlier proposition.

At CaseMark Financial we take an individualized and holistic approach towards each applicant. We make responsible and sustainable lending decisions, taking into consideration injuries sustained, stage of litigation and potential recovery. We have helped thousands of injured plaintiffs throughout Canada and we look forward to assisting you.

Our Services:

Pre-Settlement Loans
Post-Settlement Funding
Monthly Staged Loans for living expenses
Treatment Financing
Disbursement Funding
Term Sheets

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If you have an ongoing lawsuit and require financial assistance to help you manage expenses or take care of your family, then contact CaseMark Financial today!

If you have general questions about our services e-mail us – our managers will contact you to answer your questions and provide assistance.

or give us a call at 1-800-763-0025
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