Treatment Financing

Treatment financing is a type of personal loan offered by legal finance companies to customers who are in need of funds for denied medical claims, delayed insurance payments, emergency medical expenses, and/or insurance limits that have been maxed out. These loans tend to be unsecured, meaning that there is no requirement to put up any personal assets as collateral, and there is also no down payment requirement.

CaseMark Financial offers treatment financing to injured victims when medical and rehabilitation benefits have been denied, delayed by the insurer or the medical and rehabilitation limits have been exhausted. Our treatment financing program can assist you in obtaining the treatment you need to rehabilitate and recover.

Treatment <br> Financing - Casemark Financial

Treatment Financing from CaseMark Financial can assist with the following:

Medical and Rehabilitation

(physiotherapy, occupational
therapy, speech language)


Home and Vehicle

Attendant Care

Vocational or
Academic Training

Workplace Modifications
and Assistive Devices


Other Goods and Services
provided under the Statutory
Accident Benefits


When you are involved in a lawsuit, you are expected to mitigate your damages. This can be difficult when your treatment has been denied or your benefits have been exhausted.

We understand that your goal is to rehabilitate and recover so that you can return to work and return to your normal activities of daily living.

Treatment loans can be offered directly to claimants or the funds can be administered by counsel test

Treatment loans are similar to settlement loans in that counsel is not a guarantor of the loan

Lawyers fees and disbursements always come before repayment of the loan

The interest on Treatment Loans may be recoverable from the insurer when used to mitigate your damages


CaseMark Financial can provide a term sheet to assist counsel with obtaining treatment that was denied by the insurance company. A term sheet can also be utilized when requesting a tort advance.

What does a term sheet do?

A term sheet forewarns the insurer that your client is obtaining a loan for living expenses, and/or to fund treatment that has been denied. The term sheet creates exposure to the insurer for financing costs incurred as a result of denied treatment or a denied request for an advance. The term sheet provides notice to the insurer that you will be looking to recover the interest on the loan.

When should I use a term sheet?

A term sheet is used to secure funding when treatment is denied by the insurance company. It is also useful in obtaining an advance from the tort for living expenses.

How do I obtain a term sheet?

Please contact CaseMark Financial to learn more about how a term sheet can help you and your client.

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After being rear ended in car accident I struggled financially for quite some time. I was running out of money and time. I am thankful my lawyer suggested I call CaseMark Financial. The people there are wonderful! They were able to speak to my lawyer that day and got me the money I needed the next day. For me it was a lifesaver!

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