We Understand The Difficulties

At CaseMark Financial, we understand the difficulties created by the litigation process. Our loans are designed to help you through this difficult time. We understand the financial pressures that arise from being involved in an accident or having your benefits terminated. We have helped thousands of injured victims throughout Canada. If your income benefits have been terminated by the insurance company, or you just can’t make ends meet because of injuries sustained, our settlement loans are designed to help you through this difficult time. Our settlement loans can offer you the peace of mind to focus on your rehabilitation and allow your lawyer the necessary time to maximize your claim.

In general, a lawsuit settlement loan is used for a number of purposes including:

  • Personal injuries and accidents
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product Defects and Liability
  • Inheritance and Estate Allocations
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The Casemark Advantage

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

Interest rate decreases
at the two-year markss

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

within 24 hours

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

No hidden
fees or recurring charges

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administration fee

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

No complicated
application forms

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

No credit checks or
employment verification

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

No monthly

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

Sustainable and responsible
lending decisions

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

Work with a local Canadian company

Don’t wait for your case to settle to get your settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance.

You owe us nothing until your case settles - payment comes out of the award or settlement amount!

No credit inquiry, no negative impact on your credit score!

We have some of the lowest borrowing costs.

Quick approval process

Settlement <br> Loans - Casemark Financial

To obtain a settlement loan in Ontario, the prospective borrower first has to file a lawsuit that is deemed eligible by the company’s internally-defined parameters. The lender then assesses the case facts and determines an expected probability of success to arrive at a total lending value. In most cases, the lender is paid back from the funds received from the settlement itself after attorney and litigation fees are subtracted.

CaseMark employs a team of specialized case assessors who review each application and offer individualized, personal service. We work closely with your lawyer to ensure that your litigation loan will not have a negative impact on your settlement. We want you to benefit from your settlement at the end of the process, and unlike other lenders we will not offer a loan that will negatively impact your case. There are no monthly payments and repayment is only required when you claim is resolved.

It is pertinent to note here that there are several factors to weigh before pursuing such a type of loan. Some of the advantages of these loans include:

  • Immediate Cash: After the case is evaluated, the borrower receives immediate cash without any down payment or collateral requirements.
  • Discretion of Expenses: Once the loan is obtained, the borrower is free to use the funds for whatever expenditures they wish including mortgage/rental payments, auto loan payments, medical bills, groceries, etc.
  • Leverage: In several cases (particularly in physical damage cases where a personalinjury lawsuit loan has not been obtained) plaintiffs have a tendency to latch onto the first offer that the defendant makes as longer delays could further squeeze their financial situations. The personal injury loan therefore gives the plaintiff more time to negotiate and structure a deal without financial worry.

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After being rear ended in car accident I struggled financially for quite some time. I was running out of money and time. I am thankful my lawyer suggested I call CaseMark Financial. The people there are wonderful! They were able to speak to my lawyer that day and got me the money I needed the next day. For me it was a lifesaver!

Anna K
Toronto, ON

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