As a lawyer, how is litigation funding useful to me?

Whether it be a settlement loan to your client, financing of treatment or funding to pay for disbursements, our litigation funding services allow you the time and resources to maximize the value of your client’s claim, and in turn your legal fees. By alleviating the financial pressure that is often caused by denied benefits or prolonged litigation, you have more time to negotiate a fair settlement for your client.

Where do lawyers’ fees and disbursements rank?

At CaseMark your fees and disbursements always come first. Unlike other lenders who offer “Express Loan” or “Preferred Loan” options, which may require your fees to rank behind the loan repayment, we respect your fees and disbursements. We recognize that were it not for your work, recovery would be unlikely. CaseMark treats every loan individually and on an expedient basis and funding can be provided within 24 hours.

I’ve had a bad experience where a file took longer than expected to settle and the loan balance got out of control. What is the CaseMark Difference?

We understand that the litigation process can be prolonged and can take years to conclude. To alleviate the concerns that come with compounding interest we decrease our rates to an unprecedented 15% after two years. Our goal is to build a long- term relationship with your firm and to serve your clients’ needs in a sustainable and responsible manner. Experience the CaseMark difference for yourself and let us prove that choosing CaseMark is the right decision for you and your clients.

Treatment Financing

In this ever-changing insurance world, medical and rehabilitation benefits are constantly being scrutinized by insurers. With the frequent denial of treatment plans and medical and rehabilitation limits being exhausted, personal injury victims are often left without the ability to obtain the treatment recommended by their health care team. CaseMark Financial offers treatment financing to ensure your clients get the treatment they need when they need it. Our treatment financing covers medical and rehabilitation benefits, attendant care and home and vehicle modifications. Treatment financing provides the injured victim with the opportunity to mitigate their claim and substantiate the need for treatment. The funds can be administered directly to claimants or through counsel.

What is the application process?

We value your time and do not require a formal application to be completed. You or your client can contact our office and we will take care of the rest. We request minimal documentation for underwriting purposes and will complete our review within 24 hours. The loan documents are then executed and funds are transferred.

Post-Settlement Loans

We are all aware of how long it can take to receive the settlement proceeds from an insurer once a file settles. CaseMark offers post-settlement loans on a case by case basis. Should your client require funds while awaiting their settlement please contact our office and we would be happy to discuss the matter with you.

How are decisions made whether to provide funding for a client?

We employ a team of specialized case assessors who review files and determine appropriate lending decisions. We understand that each case is unique, and our loan decisions are based on the merits of the claim. Unlike other litigation lenders, we do not require your assessment of the case or your personal guarantee. Our file reviews ensure that loans will not impede on your ability to resolve the claim.

What is the cost of borrowing?

Our interest rates on most loans are 24% per year with a drop down to 15% at the two year mark. Our administration fee is a flat $250 and is among the lowest in the industry. Unlike other lenders, there are no recurring annual charges on top of interest and there are no hidden fees. Importantly, there are no additional discharge fees or arbitrary charges that become due at the time of repayment.

Pre-Settlement Loans

CaseMark Financial offers pre-settlement loans to help claimants withstand the pressure and financial constraints of litigation. Our settlement loans offer your clients the peace of mind to be able to pay their monthly expenses, feed their families and keep a roof over their head. A settlement loan alleviates your client’s financial pressures and allows you the time to maximize the claim to reach a fair settlement. We undertake to review each file to ensure that our loans will not impede on your ability to resolve the file with your client.

Term Sheets

Term sheets are an effective way to show the insurer that you and your client are moving forward with recommended treatment and are also valuable when requesting a tort advance. Whatever your needs, CaseMark Financial can provide you with the documentation to help you obtain results. Using a term sheet to put the insurer on notice that a loan is being funded may assist you in the recoverability of the interest costs. Terms sheets are effective when used in conjunction with settlement loans and treatment financing. This service is offered free of charge.

Disbursement Financing

Unlike traditional banks, at CaseMark Financial we understand the challenges that come with financing expert reports. Our disbursement financing can help you maximize the value of your client’s claim. Contact CaseMark Financial for further information.

Does CaseMark refinance other lenders?

Yes! We are happy to refinance loans that your clients may have with other lenders. In the vast majority of cases, your clients will benefit from significant savings with our interest rate drop down to 15%.

Why Casemark Financial

For Lawyers - Casemark Financial

Interest rate decreases
at the two-year mark

For Lawyers - Casemark Financial

Legal fees & disbursements
always take priority

For Lawyers - Casemark Financial

within 24 hours

For Lawyers - Casemark Financial

Flat $250
administration fee

For Lawyers - Casemark Financial

No hidden
fees or recurring charges

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No complicated
application forms

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account managers

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Independent review
of each file

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Sustainable and responsible
lending decisions

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