In a legal environment that has regularly seen rising disbursement costs by way of court and other related fees, it is not uncommon for the law firm to help the client fund these costs. The disbursement financing loan can thus help to alleviate this cash flow scenario by providing the cash up front before the borrower repays the loan ideally through a successful judgment. Total loan amounts are determined based on an assessment of the strength of the case.

CaseMark understands that disbursements on large files or in volume practices can add up quickly. Banks and traditional lenders do not view future settlements as regular assets and this can create financial constraints. Our disbursement financing programs let you finance these costs while you focus on advancing your clients’ cases.

Benefits of Disbursement Financing

Disbursement loans from CaseMark Financial can help you realize potential tax advantages by using financing costs as a tax deduction
Allows you the opportunity to obtain expert reports to substantiate and maximize your case without investing your own funds
Invest in quality expert reports without feeling the financial pressure to quickly settle files so funds can be reinvested
Expand the number of cases your practice can handle
Improve cash flow

Disbursement Financing Options

Disbursement Financing using Settlement Loans to Plaintiffs

CaseMark Financial Settlement Loans can be used to finance disbursements on an individual file:

We take a holistic view of the file and our specialized case assessors will assess the file to help determine the appropriate amount of disbursement funding
Treated the same as a settlement loan in that the Plaintiff is the borrower but funds advanced are directed to the law firm
Disbursement Loans can be arranged as a line of credit or a lump sum
Incurred financing costs may be recoverable from the defendant when funds are borrowed to finance disbursements ( See LeBlanc v. Doucet, 2012 NBCA 88)

Disbursement Financing using Pool of Files

CaseMark can arrange a line of credit for your firm, based on the review of a group of files.

Our specialized case assessors will review the files and determine an appropriate amount to be offered as a line of credit for your practice
Line of credit can be drawn upon over time as disbursements are incurred
Plaintiff does not have to sign for the disbursement funding, but has the option to if you choose
Borrow funds only as needed and only pay interest on amounts drawn

Other Disbursement Financing Options

CaseMark can provide traditional term loans or credit facilities to the firm that do not have to be tied with specific files. Banks and conventional lenders often take a rigorous approach with limited flexibility.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Please contact CaseMark Financial to see how we can help arrange accustom tailored solution to address the needs of your practice.

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