Litigation Settlement Loans For Personal Injury Claims in Calgary, AB

At CaseMark Financial, our goal is to ease the otherwise strenuous process of litigation matters. Our loans are designed to help you through this difficult time.

We understand the financial pressures that arise from being involved in an accident or having your benefits terminated. If your income benefits have been terminated, if your treatment has been denied or if you are just having difficulty making ends meet, a settlement loan from CaseMark Financial can offer you the peace of mind to focus on your rehabilitation and provide you the assistance to make your monthly financial obligations. We have assisted thousands of injured victims throughout Canada navigate the financial pressures attributed to ongoing litigation. Our settlement loans can afford victims the ability to prioritize their rehabilitation with accessible and affordable loans.

How do Settlement Loans Work?

A settlement loan is treated like an advance against your settlement. We will contact your lawyer to obtain information about your ongoing claim and from there we make a sustainable lending decision. The loan can be advanced into your bank account as a lump sum, a monthly staged loan or a line of credit. Unlike regular bank loans, there are no ongoing monthly obligations to repay the loan. The loan is repaid when the claim is settled by your lawyer.

At CaseMark Financial we employ a team of dedicated case assessors who are committed to providing fast, efficient and personalized service to each client. We take individualized and holistic approach to each applicant.

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The Casemark Advantage

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial
Interest rate decreases
at the two-year markss
Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

within 24 hours

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

No hidden
fees or recurring charges

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

administration fee

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

No complicated
application forms

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

No credit checks or
employment verification

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

No monthly

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

Sustainable and responsible
lending decisions

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

Work with a local Canadian company

Don’t wait for your case to settle to get your settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance.

You owe us nothing until your case settles - payment comes out of the award or settlement amount!

No credit inquiry, no negative impact on your credit score!

We have some of the lowest borrowing costs.

Quick approval process

Settlement Loans in Calgary - Casemark Financial

Advantages of Settlement Loans

While many remain informed about the process of settlement loans in Calgary, some still tend to be unsure of the benefits. CaseMark is here to clear it up for you! It is imperative to note that there are several factors to consider before proceeding with this type of loan. The following advantages include:

  • Immediate Cash Advance: Upon approval of a settlement loan, the applicant receives an immediate cash advance, free from any up-front payments, such as a deposit or collateral requirements.
  • Discretion of Use of Funds: After receiving the loan, the borrower is entitled to allocate the funds towards whichever expenditures they choose. Some of these expenditures may include mortgage/rental payments, automotive financing payments, medical bills, groceries, and treatment. We do not restrict how you use the funds, however, we strongly discourage borrowing against your claim for discretionary purposes.
  • Leverage: In the majority of settlement cases, plaintiffs may feel pressured to accept the first settlement offer, which may not adequately compensate for the injuries sustained. By obtaining a personal injury loan, the plaintiff can leverage more time to structure negotiations without worrying about their current financial situation.

Types of Settlement Loan Cases

What types of settlement loan cases are covered by CaseMark Financial?

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Personal Injuries
  • Slip and Fall
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Dog Bite
  • Estate and Inheritance
  • Product Defects and Liability
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Post Settlement while waiting for settlement funds to be received

How to Get Settlement Loan

If you have an ongoing lawsuit, don’t wait for your case to settle. Instead, receive a settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance now! At CaseMark Financial, we understand the difficulties, and we are here to help. Our settlement loan company can provide you with the financial assistance required to help you manage pending expenses and focus on your recovery.

If you have any inquiries about settlement loans in Calgary or general services, e-mail us at a and a representative will reach out to assist. For further references of contact, you may call us at 1-800-763-0025 or apply online today at

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If you have an ongoing lawsuit and require financial assistance to help you manage expenses or take care of your family, then contact CaseMark Financial today!

If you have general questions about our services e-mail us – our managers will contact you to answer your questions and provide assistance.

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After being rear ended in car accident I struggled financially for quite some time. I was running out of money and time. I am thankful my lawyer suggested I call CaseMark Financial. The people there are wonderful! They were able to speak to my lawyer that day and got me the money I needed the next day. For me it was a lifesaver!

Anna K
Toronto, ON

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