Settlement Loans in Calgary

Settlement Loans in Calgary and How They Transform Your Life

Anyone who has been injured due to the negligence of another party understands that life will not be the same, at least for a time. It’s not only a matter of not being able to do the things that once came easily, it’s also the fact that you may not be able to work and earn a living. Even as you go through the legal process and hope that a settlement is reached, you still need to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head. A settlement loan is one of the most effective ways you can keep your finances afloat and avoid sinking into a hole of debt.

Injuries in Calgary and How They Lead to Legal Action

A report commissioned by the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership indicates that various personal injury cases have an economic impact on the city and the Greater Calgary Area that totals up to $120 million annually. Many of these are pedestrian collisions involving motor vehicles. Figures for injuries that occur in the workplace, public places, and while using public transportation aren’t far behind.

On average, 9.5 deaths occur annually due to personal injury situations. Of the 383 events that occur on city streets, 85% of them result in injury. These figures don’t take into account injuries that occur in other settings and are never reported.

Personal injury can occur due to an accident at work, slipping and falling while shopping in a retail store, in a public park, and just about anywhere else you can imagine. When the event occurred as the result of actions by another person, there may be grounds for filing a legal suit and being compensated financially for damages suffered. The question is when that settlement will be paid.

Settlement Laws in Calgary and How Settlement Loans Fit Into the Picture

From slip and fall accidents to on the job injuries to automobile collisions, Alberta provincial laws allow the parties involved to settle the case without ever appearing in court. While some people are wary of settling, this solution is often the best move for everyone involved.

The courts may approve a settlement, but grant the defendant a grace period before payments begin. If this happens in your case, you may need to find another way to bring money during that time, especially if you remain unable to work.

How the Settlement Process Affects Your Financial Stability

When your ability to earn a living is impaired, your savings can disappear quickly. Current figures for the cost of living in Calgary indicate that a single person will require over $1,000 per month just to get by. That doesn’t include rent on an apartment or mortgage payments.

A settlement loan is one way to help you get the money you need now to stay current with your day-to-day expenses and help with medical bills.

How and Why to Secure a Settlement Loan

Seeking a settlement loan isn’t as difficult as many people think. Your lawyer will work with your lender to ensure all necessary documentation is transferred properly. A lender will review your case, determine if you qualify for the loan, and answer any questions you have about the loan arrangement. Instead of waiting for the payments to commence, your loan will come through quickly to ensure you’re able to pay your bills, keep food in the fridge and that you have access to the medical services you might need to recover as quickly as possible.

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