Characteristics of the Best Lawsuit Settlement Loan Companies

Finding the best lawsuit settlement loan companies in Ontario, let alone Canada, is not an easy task. As with all financial services, there is a barrage of information on the internet suggesting the right and wrong way to go about finding a reputable, responsive company willing to provide quality lawsuit settlement loans. Despite this, finding the right lawsuit lender is essential to your financial wellbeing during a stressful period as you engage in a courtroom settlement.

Personal Injury Loan: What it is and what it isn’t

As a responsible settlement loans provider, CaseMark Financial wants to make sure that we are all on the right page when it comes to your personal injury loan. Part of this process is laying down the exact specifications of what our litigation loans are.

You may have already noticed that we have referred to our services in several different ways. So far, we have used the words “lawsuit settlement loans”, “settlement loans”, “personal injury loan”, and “litigation loans”. While these are all different terms, they mean the same thing and have the same purpose. These are all different words for the same financial tool that is intended to support clients during a legal dispute over some kind of debilitating personal injury, prior to reaching a lawsuit settlement agreement. Companies use all of these terms and more, so do not be alarmed by CaseMark Financial’s changing word choice; this is one way that we make our services available to all.

But what are litigation loans and how do litigation loans work? Well, one way to answer this is to tell you exactly what a litigation loan is and what it is. For an added bonus, we have already gone into depth on the top reasons why Canadians seek lawsuit loans.

What it is

  • A litigation loan is a financial tool to get through the difficulties you may be experiencing after having been involved in an accident that was not your fault but has reduced your ability to work, requires expensive medical bills or caused the wrongful death of a loved one, among many other things.
  • Settlement loans are pre-settlement loans. This means that the litigation loan allows you to access financial assistance after you have filed your personal injury case in court but prior to hearing the outcome of the case.

What it isn’t

  • A litigation loan is not a free source of money. Clients must consider their own financial status before applying for
  • any of CaseMark Financials’ services. That said, as a reputable lawsuit lender, we do our due diligence and make sure our clients understand the agreement they are entering into. But we do not make credit inquiry and taking a CaseMark Financial lawsuit settlement loan will not harm your credit score.
  • However, while settlement loans do require paying back, they should not be considered to be the same as a high street loan. This is for a simple reason: personal injury lawsuit loan companies like CaseMark Financial will only offer the loan to you if they are almost certain that you will win. Many companies offer no win no fee deals because they will only offer financial aid to those clients they are sure will have a positive legal settlement.

What do Litigation Loans Require?

Before we go on to hear discussing the characteristics of a sound lawsuit lender, let’s take a quick detour to briefly go over the requirements that lawsuit lenders, including CaseMark Financial, expect their clients to have before they agree to offer financial assistance.

A Personal Injury Case: Any client that seeks funding from CaseMark Financial needs to have an ongoing court case that is based on a personal injury that was not their fault. This personal injury case can be due to many reasons, including workplace injuries, product defects and vehicular accidents among others. Without a court case that we believe you are likely to win, you cannot access our settlement loans.

A Lawyer: CaseMark Financial will work alongside your lawyer to ensure you have the necessary time to maximize your claim. But without a lawyer, we have no one to work with. As part of our commitment to sound financial activity, we will only provide loan assistance to clients with a qualified and professional lawyer assisting their case. As part of our process, clients can only receive a settlement loan if they are already in a personal injury court case, and this requires a lawyer to have already been appointed.

No Collateral: What is collateral? Collateral is an asset that “secures” the loan. This means that if the client does not stick to the repayment agreements, the collateral can be collected. Collateral assets are often significant items like homes or cars. While some settlement loans companies require collateral, CaseMark Financial does not. This grants you sound protection.

No Credit Check: The aim of CaseMark Financial is to deliver financial support to the widest group of people possible. For this reason, we do not perform background credit checks before deciding to give you a lawsuit settlement loan or not. Rather than look at your employment verification, income verification or credit history, CaseMark Financial focuses solely on the merit of your case. When we believe your case to be strong, you can count on us for a lawsuit settlement loan.

The Best Lawsuit Settlement Loan Companies and How to Find Them

As we said earlier, the information overload that the internet delivers to our door can sometimes be too much. When you are searching to know how do lawsuit settlement loans work or even how to get a lawsuit settlement loan, there seem to be a million suggestions coming from every corner of Canada and Ontario! But finding the reputable, effective and approachable companies to offer you a personal injury lawsuit loan is simple when focusing on three key ingredients.


The nature of personal injury loans means that those clients applying for them are at a difficult point in their life. Either themselves or someone close to them, has suffered an accident that has left lasting consequences. Whether that is a vehicular accident that was not their fault, a product failure, medical malpractice or workplace injury, this is a tough period that they are living through. Stress, financial worry, and concerns over the personal injury court process will be weighing on the person..

At CaseMark Financial, we do not intend to add any more difficult to our clients’ lives. That’s why we make the process of applying for our lawsuit loans as simple and straightforward as possible.

While with other companies clients may have to have a series of meetings with administrators, lawyers and other company personnel, the CaseMark Financial process begins online. We ask you to fill out some simple details – the online questionnaire is no longer than one page – and we get back to you in 24 hours. We do not ask you to come in for a series of meetings nor do we spend hours speaking to you on the phone. We make the process simple so that you need not worry during a difficult period.

Remember: Simplicity is the process of applying for your litigation loan is important. Those companies that have overly complex processes and request you to read reams and reams of wordy contracts are to be given caution. The application should be a tried and tested process, one that is straightforward and standardized. Trust only contracts that are clear, worded with clarity and standardized.

Customer-first Commitment

We understand that applying for a lawsuit settlement loan is a big, if necessary, step. When families and loved ones are involved in the process then more consideration is needed. To reassure our clients and put them at ease when approaching our services, CaseMark Financial delivers a customer-first commitment to every client we work with.

So what does this customer-first commitment include? After the initial easy application process, in which we do all the administration work of scurrying after court details and speaking to your lawyer, you are assigned a dedicated account manager. CaseMark Financial account managers are professionals with many years of experience dealing in litigation loans. They understand your situation and are there to help. Our account managers deliver to you a service unique to your needs and, once they understand the full details of your personal injury case. Once your process has begun, you will speak only to your assigned account manager, giving your peace of mind in knowing that you will not be passed from pillar to post. They will help you with all your financial assistance needs. While at other lawsuit settlement loan companies clients merely speak to whoever answers the phone, at CaseMark Financial, we put the wellbeing of our customers first.

On top of this is our discretion of expenses promise. This means that we do not put any limits on how you spend your lawsuit settlement loan. CaseMark Financial does this because we understand that the modern world is a complicated place. Unforeseen events arise in all of our daily lives and sometimes we need a little extra help paying the mortgage, medical bills, auto bills or anything else. With loans from CaseMark Financial, you are in charge of your money.

Remember: Ask yourself if, when you are searching for a suitable lawsuit lender, you want to be dealing with a company that does not put your first. Business is business, we all understand that, but companies must also care about their clients. With CaseMark Financial, we put you first.


Many people applying for lawsuit settlement loans are not doing so months in advance of their necessity. Because clients usually seek our service for loans that will bridge financial uncertainties when waiting for a personal injury court settlement, most come to us only when they require help quickly. This is understandable, and it is the job of CaseMark Financial to react quickly to the needs of our clients.

For this reason, we move quickly to get the financial help you need right to you. From the first application process with which you will get an answer within 24 hours, to delivering the funding right to your bank, we move as fast as we can. While some lenders drag their feet, CaseMark Financial goes above and beyond to deliver you your personal injury loan when you most need it. Breathe easy, with us.

Remember: Make sure you know how long it will take for financial support to reach you when searching for a litigation loan. Any reputable lender will have a timeline to offer any perspective to a client, and so consider this if you need fast cash.


Not all personal injury court cases run smoothly. Sometimes things pop up that delay your settlement. Added to this, personal situations change unexpectedly. That’s why the ability to refinance your personal injury lawsuit loan should be a standard feature from any lawsuit lender.

Because we believe that fair is fair, CaseMark Financial offers to refinance at incredibly competitive rates completely free of any upfront costs or application fees.

On top of this, so confident are we of being the top litigation loan provider in Canada, that we will beat any competitor rates that you can show us! It doesn’t matter where you obtained the initial loan – CaseMark Financial can refinance it.

Our aim is to provide our clients with fast refinancing on lawsuit loans and settlement loans that help reduce your overall monthly rate. With us, you come first.

Remember: Any reputable lawsuit loan lender should offer refinancing services that do not add high rates of interest on your loan. Before signing up to any personal injury loan, make sure you check these details. This is important to understand because, as we all know, circumstances can change and plans go awry. When you need some extra help, it’s vital that you can rely on your lender.

Finding the right lawsuit settlement loan company means doing some research and asking around. Reputable companies should give you time and patience, taking you through the simple questions of what is a lawsuit settlement and what are litigation loans, right up until the detailed information of interest rates and contractual details. If a company does not give you the time and space you need to understand what you are entering into, then steer well clear. CaseMark Financial delivers the simplicity, customer-first commitment, speed and refinancing services that you need to depend on when requesting a litigation loan.

Characteristics of the Best Lawsuit Settlement Loan Companies - Casemark Financial

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