Why Settlement Loans Don’t Impact Your Credit Rating

Unlike traditional lenders, CaseMark Financial doesn’t consider your credit history when determining if you will be eligible for a settlement loan. In fact, we do not even check your credit score. We also don’t require applicants to provide proof of employment or income verification, and instead, determine your eligibility on the merits of your case and its potential outcome.

Applying for a settlement loan involves a brief assessment of your case and the potential value of the monetary damages you may receive when your case is settled. Settlement loans provide those involved in a personal injury claim access to funding almost immediately. This ensures they’re able to continue paying their bills or seek specialized medical services to treat injuries suffered in the accident.

Settlement Loans and Your Credit Score

We do not perform credit checks as our lending programs are not based on the traditional criteria that most lenders use. We understand that many of our applicants have become unable to work due to their injuries and the financial pressures often lead to missed payments which negatively affect their credit history. Your eligibility to receive a settlement loan does not depend on your credit history as our loan approvals are based on the merits of your legal claim. Many of our clients have exhausted other avenues of financing before working with CaseMark, however, they quickly realize that additional credit card debt or lines of credit require monthly payments which may be difficult to meet as a result of the accident. With a loan from CaseMark, victims of personal injury can manage their financial expenses without having to pay monthly interest and repay the loan only when their claim is resolved.

The amount of a settlement loan is dependent on the merits of an individual case. The stronger the case, the more likely you will be approved for a loan. Instead of basing eligibility on credit history or income verification, CaseMark evaluates each case based on factors such as liability and case value. We consider liability because it determines who is at fault for an accident and the injuries caused. If it is determined that another party is liable for the accident, you may have a stronger case for being approved for a settlement loan, regardless of your credit history or record of employment.

You can even use the proceeds of the loan to pay your credit card bills to maintain or improve your credit score.

We Help Our Clients Make Better Financial Decisions

CaseMark’s settlement loans are designed to ensure our clients make the best financial decisions relative to their financial circumstances and avoid accepting an early settlement offer due to mounting financial pressures.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve a successful outcome and benefit from their settlement. We’ve helped thousands of people secure settlement loans and relieve financial pressures by maintaining a commitment to an application and approval process that’s quick, easy and transparent.

If you’re involved in a personal injury case, reach out to CaseMark Financial today to start our simple settlement loan application process.

Why Settlement Loans Don’t Impact Your Credit Rating - Casemark Financial

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